Buying Technology for the Business – A How-To For Legal Executives

  • What is the new tech that you should be on top of (IOT, AI/ML, Big Data, etc) and what it’s business impact will be
  • What are some legal issues related to each
    • IOT – liability for OT devices/systems installed in a corporate network (i.e. who gets fired for your casino being hacked via your smart fish tank thermometer); privacy of IOT data; admissibility of system data in legal proceedings; liability for automated systems leading to financial or property damages, injury
    • Big Data – data domicillium and other governance; legal requirements to store data; legal requirements to protect data
    • AI/ML – legal requirements of disclosing models/algorithms; consequences of biases or discriminatory outcomes of automated systems
    • Etc
  • Contracting and partnering with technology companies – especially where IT is often delivered as a service, not a product or licenced use (Platform as a Service, Security as a Service); commercials negotiation; licensing of tech; licensing of IP; ownership of IP in software systems built by contractors
  • Commercials for technology suppliers – SLAs, SLDs, service schedules, briefing and RFP processes, managing for delivery